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When you're a student, you and your backpack are pretty much inseparable. So much so, that the state your backpack is in can be a reflection of how you're doing in school. If you want to have a tidy, neatly organized backpack that will help you be a better student, you should follow the tips below.

How to Keep Your Backpack Tidy

  1. Opt for the best backpack: one that's big enough to fit all of your supplies, that has different compartments to keep your items organized, and that you can carry around comfortably.
  2. Go through your backpack every day. Every school night, think about what you'll do the next day, and arrange only the necessary supplies for that in your backpack. This way, you won't have to carry every book/notebook with you every day.
  3. Create a system to keep your backpack organized. For instance, you can organize your notebooks, books, and folders by size, or depending on which you'll use first, second, etc. Whatever it may be, stick to your system!
  4. For smaller items, such as pencils and pens, have a pencil case to store them in. This will prevent them getting lost, or being stranded on the bottom of your backpack. Just be sure to put them back in place when you're done using them.
  5. Every other week or so, make an effort to clean your backpack. Empty it out completely, get rid of any trash, and only put back the tools you need for school (in the correct order according to your system).
  6. If you want to take it a step further, tag your backpack. For instance, you can write your name/phone number somewhere on it with a permanent marker. This way, if it gets lost, you'll be more likely to get it back.

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